Company Profile

Sunrise Technology was established in 2009, headquartered in California, USA, and has been focusing on the recycling, resale, old-for-new, environmental protection and other recycling businesses of 3C electronic products. The business scope covers the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong and other regions.

Sunrise Technology is committed to the development of circular economy, promotes environmental protection with science and technology, improves resource utilization efficiency, utilizes electronic product recycling system, promotes electronic product recycling, and turns waste into treasure. At the same time, Sunrise Technology combines business and environmental protection and public welfare, continues to innovate and develop, establish a business ecosystem, put people first, and create value with customers.

Founding Background

A large number of consumption for the purpose of meeting the sense of achievement of personal life has become the dominant view of group consumption in the Internet era. The increase of unused electronic products and the aging of commonly used goods have become a potentially huge blue sea.

With the rapid development of worldwide information technology, electronic products consuming has become an necessary and indispensable part of people's daily life. The iteration of such electronic products centered on 3C as smart phones, tablet PC, laptops and cameras has accelerated, and the replacing electronic products of consumers have also become more and more frequent.


The worldwide used trading market is, like standing on the "eye of a storm whirlwind", about to be in full swing, and the electronic recycling industry is ready to take advantage of the industry's trillion market. With the advancing of Internet plus model, green smart consumption and integration of the two networks, the integration of the two networks to promote, the utilization rate of electronic recycling still has a large space to increase, the electronic recycling industry has a wide market prospect.


The business model of the Internet plus model has also been integrated into the electronic recycling industry. As one of the Internet recycling platforms, our electronic recycling platform is not only designed to recycle mobile phones, computers, cameras and other electronic products, but also give users a high return, so that the recycling of mobile phones and other electronic products is supposed to be taken as a mutually beneficial industry.

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