Company Positioning

We will always practice the new concept of green development, a people-oriented, diversified, open and inclusive international company.


Professional electronic product recycling and environmental protection treatment platform.



Combine business with environmental protection and public welfare, and continue to innovate and develop.



Establish a business ecosystem, put people first, and create value with customers.

Sunrise Tech Was Born to Create A Better Future

With the rapid development of global information technology, the iteration speed of electronic products centered on 3C has accelerated, and more and more e-waste is produced, and the pollution of e-waste to the environment has become more and more serious.

Sunrise Technology is committed to the development of circular economy, promotes environmental protection with science and technology, improves resource utilization efficiency, utilizes electronic product recycling system, promotes electronic product recycling, and turns waste into treasure. At the same time, Sunrise Technology actively organizes offline environmental protection public welfare activities, combines business and social public welfare undertakings, and is committed to a business model that is beneficial to the sustainable development of mankind.

Our Advantages

Adhering to the enterprise concept of "steady progress, innovative reform, sensitive response, scientific and reasonable, efficient operation", the Company is determined to create a good enterprise environment.



High Price


We Empower People and Create Economic Opportunity

Our existence is to provide a professional, secure, healthy one-stop online second-hand electronic product trading platform for users. Provide economic opportunities for individuals, enterprises and organizations of various sizes.

Meet Our Leadership

Our leadership serves with a focus on maximizing resource value while minimizing — or even eliminating — environmental impact so that both our economy and environment can thrive.

James Wang

CEO of Sunrise Tech

James Wang, the founder of the Company, has been operating an electronics recycling business in the United States for 15 years and has a wealth of industry experience and cooperative relationships.

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